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Loving these cool mornings! Fall is in the air!   Reminder this week we will be doing delivery and be at both markets, but we will be taking a little family time the week after.  This will be the last chance to get Sweet Corn Agnolotti this year!  Our girls are still molting and egg laying is way down.  We hope you have a wonderful week and get outside and enjoy the perfect East Tennessee (almost) Autumn! 

This week's options:​

  • Sweet Corn Agnolotti - Our fresh pasta filled with a mixture of roasted sweet corn, ricotta, and roasted garlic. 

  • Market Medley - Our fresh pasta with roasted plum tomatoes, sweet peppers, onions with our basil pesto

  • Extruded Pasta: 

    • Lumache

    • Rigatoni

    • Bucatini

    • Spicy Radiatori

  • Sauces: 

    • Mushroom Sugo

    • Mushroom Fonduta

    • Pomodoro

    • Basil Pesto

  • Focaccia 


Three ways to gather your pasta this week!


  1. Maryville Farmers Market! This Saturday 9/23, 8:30-11:30am.   For pre-orders, enter code "Maryville" to remove delivery fee. 

  2. Market Square Market ! This Saturday 9/23, 9am-1Pm.   For pre-orders, enter code "Market Square" to remove delivery fee. 

  3. Delivery! Pre-order and choose delivery.  Free delivery for orders over $75, or $10 delivery fee.   Delivery will happen Sunday 9/24.  If you're not going to be home please leave a cooler out it's hot outside! 


Pre-orders will be open until Thursday at 2 pm.

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Fresh Made Pasta & Sauces

We raise our chickens on fresh grass on our own DSB Farms in Maryville, TN.  We feed them non-GMO feed and they get to enjoy the air blowing and sun shining!!  Happy chickens make great eggs, and great eggs makes the best pasta!! We use organic semolina for the majority of our extruded pastas.  We also source seasonal, specialty and local flours.  

Our sauces are created with fresh vegetables from DSB Farms and other local farms.  Additional ingredients are sourced from producers who have quality as their top priority. 

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