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    Ricotta Ravioli -  Our fresh pasta filled with a filling of whipped ricotta & a little parmigiano

    Extruded Pasta: 





    Mushroom Sugo

    Mushroom Fonduta


    Basil Pesto

    Bolognese Sauce 

    Pasta Medley with Basil Pesto, roasted peppers, Feta



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  • How to Get Pasta This Week!

    Maryville Farmer's  Market 

    7/27 830-1130am

    Across from Vienna Coffee

    Market Square Farmer's  Market 

    Nourish Knoxville's Market Square Market.  We are on Union Ave  7/27 9am-1pm. 

    Bluestem Hollow

    7085 Morganton Rd 37742   Open Saturday 10am-4pm 

    Also find us at Jesse's Butcher Shop in Knoxville & J. Danforth Mercantile in Maryville 


    Pre-orders will be open until Thursday at 2 pm.

  • Notes From The Kitchen!

    We are also excited to release our Pepper Agro Dolce. This is our first jarred condiment.  Agro Dolce meaning "sweet & sour" in Italian.  The Agro Dolce is great with cheese or grilled bread but is also wonderful put on top of roasted meats and vegetables!  

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Market Medley

New every week! These are a hit at our pop up markets... 

Extruded pasta

Seasonal extruded pasta options! 

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