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    Maryville Market is Back 4/20!! Buuttt we have to miss it

    Unfortuantly we will have to miss the first market.  We will be more than ready to see you all on 4/27 in fact we are opening the site now for pre-orders.  We will have....

    Sweet Pea Ravioli -  Our fresh pasta filled with a mixture of sweet peas, ricotta, mint and a little Parmigiano 

    Extruded Pasta: 

    Spicy Rigatoni





    Mushroom Sugo

    Mushroom Fonduta


    Kale and Parsley Pesto

    Minestrone Soup



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  • How to Get Pasta NEXT Week!

    Maryville Farmer's  Market 

     Saturday 4/27, 830am-1130am.  Founders lot across from Vienna Coffee House


    Nourish Knoxville's  Market starts May 4th!   


    Pre-orders will be open until Thursday at 2 pm.

  • Notes From The Kitchen!

    We have to miss the first market on 4/20 but will be there 4/27!! 

    Ask for a sticker and let us know if you like our design!! We are hoping to have shirts made but have no idea how many to make! 

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