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Wow what a crazy end to a busy May with this wonderful cool weather!  We are so grateful for your continued support of our family business!!  

This week's options:

  • Green Garlic and Ricotta Ravioli - Our fresh pasta filled with a mixture of Green Garlic, Ricotta, Pecorino & Herbs

  • Market Medley - Lumache pasta with Sweet Peas, Pecorino Romano and our Basil Pesto.

  • Extruded Pasta

    • Green Garlic Creste Di Gallo

    • Lumache

    • Bucatini 

    • Lasagna Sheets

  • Sauces

    • Mushroom Sugo

    • Mushroom Fonduta

    • Pomodoro

    • Basil Pesto

  • Focaccia

  • Farm Fresh EGGS


Two Markets to gather your pasta this week!


  1. Maryville Farmers Market! This Saturday 6/3, 8:30-11:30am.   For pre-orders, enter code "Maryville" to remove delivery fee. 


  2. Market Square Market ! This Saturday 6/3, 9am-1Pm.   For pre-orders, enter code "Market Square" to remove delivery fee. 


Pre-orders will be open until Friday at 2 pm.

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